Our Product

Unlike other methods which actually attract more mosquitos to your yard like a magnet, our targeted service eradicates the mosquito population all together, leaving you to enjoy your yard mosquito free.

The most effective way to
do this is regular treatments on a 21-day cycle with our three pronged approach.

Kid and Pet-Friendly options to
provide the safety that your family and pets deserve.

Mosquito Guard Pest
Control is here to deliver
100% Satisfaction

How it works

01 Identify

A thorough inspection of your property from our highly trained technicians to identify problem areas and determine the best course of action.


02 Control

By using only the highest quality, flower based, child, pet, and environmentally friendly products available we control mosquitos where they live, breed, and hatch in your yard.


03 Repel

Our barrier mist applied
to your property stays
even in bad weather for
several weeks to treat for
and repel new mosquitos
that may emerge.

Facts about mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are considered the deadliest “animal” in the world with over 750,000 deaths a year.

Mosquitoes feed day and night. Some species, like the Aedes are daytime biters, while others, like Culex, start biting at dusk and continue a few hours into dark.

There are over 35 types of mosquitoes in Alaska. All but a few of these will feed on humans.

A mosquito can drink up to three times its weight in blood. It would take about 1.2 million bites to drain all the blood from your body.

who we are

Mosquito Guard Pest Control is an accredited and fully licensed company that is dedicated to national pest management. We continue to play an integral role in promoting recognised industry standards with the aim of protecting health, safety, food and property. We are committed to regular training and are a recognised authoritative source for safe pest control across all service stages – inspection, treatment plans, education and maintenance of ongoing preventative measures. Our environmentally friendly approach is driven by the underlying philosophy that prevention is best! Consequently PestAway is a strong driving force assisting both individuals and communities to maintain due diligence for domestic and commercial pest control.

Cost Effective

No Matter what your Financial situation, we believe in offering low-cost pricing structures because all people should be entitled to safe pest-free environments.

Pest Away is an industry leader for competitive pricing.


We have an Integrated Pest Management policy. This means we carefully inspect and align treatment services to that which
is cost-effective whilst avoiding risk to people, business and the environment.


We recognise pest invasion can be distressing and requires immediate
attention. Mosquito Guard Pest Control has a team of highly available pest technicians to cover our beautiful Alaska. We also offer
Flexible service plans.