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Mosquito Services

Alaska Mosquito ServicesAlaska Mosquito Services

Our Alaska Mosquito Services include:

  • Barrier Treatment
    • Our barrier treatment is applied to all bushes, shrubs, trees, and your lawn every 21 days. Consequently, this is the most effective way to eliminate biters from your property and keep them gone too.
  • Special Events
    • Have a special event coming up? From Birthdays to Weddings, we treat for any event so you can enjoy your time without the bites.
  • Commercial & Municipal
    • Mosquito Guard treats¬†commercial and municipal properties as well. Our professional mosquito control applications can be applied to all types of properties to maintain the safety, and thus the comfort and convenience of any area. These include:
      • Sports Fields
      • Tennis Courts
      • Patios
      • Picnic Areas
      • Parks
      • Fairgrounds
      • Camp sites
      • Fishing Lodges
      • Rental Properties
      • Day Care Facilities
      • Restaurants
      • And More

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