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Alaska Mosquito Facts

Dangers of Mosquitos

Alaska and Mosquitos, the two words are synonymous. Those who live in Alaska, will tell you it’s true, there doesn’t seem to be any place in the state where a person can hide from them. They even manage to sneak into our homes, no matter how fast we close the doors. Forget keeping any windows open, unless you are sure your screens are well in place tight without a single hole, or you can bet you, your spouse, kids, roommate, or pets will become the next meal, of Alaska’s biting “state insect bird”. Read through these Alaska Mosquito Facts and find out how you can keep your family safe!

There are lots of myths and stories of these vicious little buggers, and those who’ve been raised here, don’t mind telling visitors and greenhorns alike, “ya better not use that lotion, perfume, cream, or spray” you’re just going to get yourself bit up”. Some listen, some don’t..the ones who don’t well we’ve all seen what happens, or we ourselves know first hand through experience.


West Nile Virus

The dangers of mosquitos, especially in the lower 48 are many. Alaska’s cold climate, supposedly helps to deter some of the most serious threats, i.e., West Nile Virus (which is carried by some birds, then mosquitoes bite them, next thing we know, we are hearing about infected, birds, animals, or humans. (So far as we know, there’s been no mentioned cases in Alaska as of yet.) According to WebMD, those who actually acquire West Nile Virus, don’t show any symptoms. Some may believe they’ve caught the flu or some other viral bug, that has a fever. They just feel under the weather, and may feel this way for months. For those who have a more serious reaction, there is a slight possibility of Meningitis. Cases of Meningitis have occurred in Alaska. The causes of each individual case may still be in question by the medical establishment and the medical professionals who treated those who contracted it here in the state.



Even More serious than West Nile Virus is the possibility of an infected Mosquito passing along an infection that can affect the spinal cord and the brain. This usually comes hand in hand with more serious forms of West Nile Virus and becomes what is known as Encephalitis.

The dangers of mosquitos within the lower 48 States, Mexico, the Caribbean, South and Central America Asia, Western sections of the Pacific, and parts of Canada, include 5 kinds of Encephalitis. As you notice here on this list, Alaska isn’t listed specifically, but Canada is. Canada is our closest neighbor, which leaves a question to us here at AK Mosquito Guard…”how close is the “Western Equine Encephalitis virus” to us? Has it already been here and just not noticed or diagnosed, because of maybe being unreported? Maybe? Maybe not.

Because Alaska is “cut off” from the lower 48 States, and we have such cold weather, maybe this is what helps to prevent the spread of some of these serious viruses, but doesn’t a little prevention outweigh the risks? With Alaska being so far from other places, and more and more people moving here, this also means more and more of our population may be traveling to get away for a while. This alone should make all Alaskan’s more aware of the possibilities of people bringing these viruses here through unwanted stowaways in their luggage, on their clothes, or on their pets. Who has heard of the Zika Virus? This one virus alone makes one cringe at the thought of an infected bite.


Insect Bite Complications

Allergic Reactions, severe swelling, redness, rash, sudden trouble breathing, difficulty swallowing, severe itching
Infected Bites, scabbing, pustules, sores with bacterial infection oozing from the bites.

Lymphangitis is an infection of the bacterial kind that attacks within the lymph areas of the body. Possible signs include upward lines of red on a limb. This bacterial infection alone can bring on SEPSIS, a much more serious infection within the bloodstream.


Benefits of Spraying

AK Mosquito Guard, is ready to help you protect your yards, and homes from mosquitos and other insects that try to get close to or into your home, and through their bites might cause harm to you or your loved ones, and animals.
Infected or not, mosquito bites in Alaska are no fun. For many people, just one bite, may lead to days of misery, through scratching, infection, or just being allergic. Alaskan People love our home State, the environment we live in. But we can all agree, the fewer the mosquitoes the better. That’s why, AK Mosquito Guard is here.


Non-Toxic Alternative

Through talking to others or searching online, you may find all kinds of information about what works, and what doesn’t work. For the most part there is a belief, that only “DEET” helps. AK Mosquito Guard, is for those who don’t want to use products that may be toxic to humans, or pets or wildlife. Here at Alaska Mosquito Guard, we are ORGANIC. Our products are safe around pets and kids. When we spray your yard, you will have full coverage of your yard. You will see and feel the difference for yourself, family and pets. We can’t guarantee you won’t ever get bit, after all, this is Alaska and most likely you do “leave home”. But wouldn’t it be nice to know that when you are home, you, your children and your pets can go outside into the yard, and enjoy that time, without the constant worry, about mosquitos, and other biting insects.

Parents, should also consider this- If your children are school age, children through no fault of their own, or the schools, naturally catch germs from each other, and they bring those things home, sometimes bringing other Unwanted visitors as well, on their clothing, or in their backpacks. On rare occasions, this might mean, fleas, chiggers, mites could find their way in, just from everyday exposure to outside environments. Hunters, and those who love to fish, hikers, should also realize, when you head out into “nature” most likely you going to bring a little more nature home with you than you like. AK Mosquito Guard Maintenance means that things brought home won’t get the chance to survive or breed, as your home is well protected in advance.


FYI Inside and Outside your Home

A simple online search of local hospitals, will bring you to information about some of the other biting insects/bugs, spiders, centipedes, etc within our beautiful state. Fleas, mites, chiggers, Brown Recluse, Black Widow, Wolf Spider, Metallic Crab Spider, the Cow Killer (a red and black hair wasp looks like a spider! Highly toxic, don’t ever touch it!), then there’s also the Assassin Bug, one creepy looking critter that looks like a cross between a tiny lobster and crab, with loads of spiky spines sticking up –it’s bite is said to be really painful! All of these and others call Alaska Home.

Having a set up schedule of regular sprayings of your home and property, brings, peace of mind, feelings of relief, that the bites will become a distant memory when at home. No more worrying about trying to unload the groceries, getting the kids to and from the car, putting “Fido” out for some exercise in the yard, letting the kids play in the yard, having a bbq and inviting the friends, family, coworkers over for dinner outside in the yard or on the deck. These times should be enjoyable, and through regular Organic spraying maintenance of the outside, and inside of your home and property, this is possible.
Give us a call today, and find out why, going Organic with AK Mosquito Guard is the best Choice for protecting you, your loved ones, pets, and your home and property.

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