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How it Works

Alaska Mosquito ControlMosquito Guards’ professional Alaska mosquito control targets the problem at its source, your yard. Unlike other methods which actually attract more mosquitoes to your yard like a magnet, our targeted service eradicates the mosquito population all together, leaving you to enjoy your yard mosquito free. The most effective way to do this is regular treatments on a 21-day cycle with our three pronged approach.


  • A thorough inspection of your property from our highly trained technicians to identify problem areas and determine the best course of action.


  • By using only the highest quality, flower based, child, pet, and environmentally friendly products available we eliminate mosquitoes where they live, breed, and hatch in your yard.


  • Our barrier mist applied to your property stays even in bad weather for several weeks to treat for and repel new mosquitoes that may emerge.

Eventually any treatment will become less effective and new mosquitoes will start to rebuild the population. This is why Mosquito Guard treats your property on a 21-day cycle, the average life cycle of Mosquitoes. By doing this we guarantee your satisfaction and ensure you receive the best results possible.

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